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Andrew’s World

Kann Spuren von Erdnussflips enthalten...

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10 February 1985
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Hiho! My name is André, I'm 28 and I'm living in Leipzig, Germany. I studied Linguistics and Chinese studies at the local university. A few years ago I spent a year in Kunming, China.
My main interests are languages and linguistics (as you can easily guess when you read my LJ), especially typology, phonology and writing systems. The languages I am most interested in, are the languages of the Caucasus, especially Tsez, Avar, Dargi, Chechen, Svan, Georgian, Ubykh and Adyghe, as well as languages from Southeastern Asia and constructed languages.

I'm collecting dictionaries — you can see my list here (which isn't up-to-date, unfortunately). I also love movies of all kinds (see my IMDb vote history) and music in foreign languages, the more exotic the better.

I am fluent in German (my mother tongue), English as well as Esperanto. My Mandarin Chinese is close to fluent and I also speak some Dutch. I'd say I also have extended knowledge of Tsez, Latin and Klingon. Currently I'm learning Russian and Sumerian.

Feel free to add me, and feel free to post comments. For anonymous commenters: I'd prefer to at least know who you are, so please sign your comments at least!


Hi, I'm André from Leipzig, I study Linguistics and Sinology and I'll update my bio some other day...

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религия, кино, путешествия, транспорт

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