André (n_true) wrote,

My LiveJournal's 12th birthday...

Happy birthday, dear blog!
I know you feel terribly neglected, I know, I know... and I blame Facebook and Jana for it, haha. I write about my day to her every day, whenever there is anything new, so I usually don't feel like writing a larger blog entry to tell everything again. Unfortunately I'm too lazy for short entries too, so what should I do?
Anyways, I'm writing from Zürich, Switzerland right now, as I'm doing my PhD in Linguistics here. I promised to write about that (and Dagestan) in my last entry, but I haven't come around doing so yet. Maybe later. Today I went to the post office and to the bank, planning to get some things done, but alas, they were both closed (lunch break!). Gotta try it again tomorrow morning. Then I went to have a dürüm near our institute, a place I haven't tried before, the reduced student price for a dürüm (as well as a döner kebap, if I am not mistaken) there is 9.50 CHF, which is equal to 7,80 €. Imagine that, my German friends, paying 7.80 € for a döner or a dürüm, and this is already the reduced price! Well, that's Zürich. The cheapest so far was for 8.50 CHF (7 €). But it was great, one of the best dürümler I've ever had, really! At the institute Mathias (my supervisor) and Rachel (our student assistent) talked about how to best gloss Shan (a Tai-Kadai language from northeastern Myanmar) in Toolbox, tomorrow we will try to get the program running (but as I know Toolbox, it will take 3 more days). Then I did some more work and went home to my 18-m²-room for 800 CHF a month (over 650 €). I think you can rent an entire flat for that money in Leipzig. By the way, this is not an April Fool's prank!

And behold, here come the annual statistics for my blog (1 April, 2014):

• Created: 2002-03-31 15:22:37 (US time-zone; in Germany it was already April 1)
• Account type: Basic Account
• Entries: 2,208 (11 entries in the last year, oh my...)
• Rate: 0.5 entries per day (I was much busier in the beginning!)
• Comments: 9.313 posted; 11.765 received
• Tags: 86
• Interests: 144
• Friends: 117
• Friend of: 126
• Member of: 24 communities

All right, good night!
Tags: english, meme

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