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My Review of the Year 2013

It's already mid-January 2014, but let me tell you what I experienced last year! So I've been to the JES, an internation meeting for young Esperantists, and my friends Lisa and Paul from Leipzig went there as well. It was really great, but I never got around writing a blog entry about it. So here's the link to my Facebook album for the 4th JES in Naumburg. We had elections in Leipzig, voting for a mayor for Leipzig. And I've been to another Stephan König concert with 雯英 (Wen-Ying).

At the beginning of February, some other linguists from Leipzig and I went to a conference in Bamberg, the topic was "Agreement in Discourse". I got to know a few people and talked to Diana, a former colleage, whom I asked if it'd be possible to do my PhD in her project about Dargi languages in Dagestan. Wasn't possible, because all doctoral positions were already taken, but she later offered me to work as a scientific research assistent in the project. So now I've been working there for almost a year, compiling a dictionary of Sanzhi Dargi and helping to analyze the language. By the way, on the way to there I made friends with a nice guy from Bamberg: Jürgen; because he sometimes visits Leipzig, we met and talked a few times.
Later, we had a movie night at Keziah's and watched the three old Star Wars movies and celebrated into my 28th birthday. Yes, I'm old. Then, one day after my birthday: (written) Linguistics Exam about fieldwork methods; since I had read a few books about it, I was thoroughly prepared for it and got a 1.3 or something. I honestly don't quite remember. And we had re-elections for our mayor, haha. Several days later: exams in Sumerian, and final (oral) exam in Phonetics & Phonology, which I did quite well, too. Ah, actually I wrote an entry about the results of my Magister Thesis. Then, I wrote in another entry about a weird dream I was having, a party we linguists had at the institute, the Star Wars evening and my birthday (in Esperanto). If you speak German and have heard about the horse meat scandal in Germany, you might find our Pferdefleischskandaldiskussion funny. Don't read, if you hate puns! ;)
What else happened... a meteorite crashed down in Chelyabinsk, Russia. And I bought an Ido dictionary. I calculated the amount of native speakers of different languages in my Facebook friendslist (these FB links might only work if you are a FB member, not sure).

Early in March I voluntarily attended an intensive course of Basque at my university, together with Keziah, Paul, Clarissa and a few others. I also made a new friend there: Thomas, who is – incredible but true! – an even more avid Trekkie than I am! So we learned Basque for 2 weeks, almost 6 hours a day. But I also had another oral exam in Linguistics, about grammaticalization. I aced that one as well. ;)
Keziah, Clarissa, Eric from Munich and I decided to go to see the Leipzig Book Fair, which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed a lot of Bible versions in different languages, and almost got ourselves a contract for writing a book about the modern usage of Esperanto for the Geheimsprachenverlag Leipzig, but both Clarissa and I hardly have the time to write that book, so it's still only a vague (but good!) idea.
What else? There was Alicja's birthday party. I started working at the MPI again, for the ASJP project and this time for money, still boldly collectinig wordlists of languages that no man has cared about before. I wrote my very first blog entry in Russian, too!

On April 1, 2013 I graduated from the University of Leipzig with a result of 1.3 and a Magister Artium diploma in Linguistics and Chinese Studies. Just so you know. And not just that, April 1 was also my dear LiveJournal's 11th birthday. On the 11th of April that year I looked back all the years and tried to find out what exactly I had been doing on that particular date. Quite an interesting journey through time, really!
Also, Keturah (Keziah's sister) had her 18th birthday, I was invited to her party and I wrote her a beautiful letter, namely the letter U. I got a new microwave. And I started working for Bamberg in mid April of this year. Although being out of the university, I still visited some courses, haha, just for fun. Namely the second semester course of Basque and a course where we read the šìr-gída Martu text in Sumerian. I've also visited a few concerts at the Gewandhaus, in a church, a jazz concert by Stephan König, arte showed the really good sci-fi show Real Humans, at we had our annual Studieninformationstag at the university. I just had to take part in this again! And last but not least, Dan Everett had a talk on Pirahã and we later saw a movie about him and the Pirahã, called "The Grammar of Happiness" (it's better than the title, 9 points!).

May. I replaced our Phonology teacher for a day and gave an introduction to "exotic consonants" in her Phonology class, that was fun! I watched "Iron Man 3" (6 points, no match for the first movie) and on May 16 I went to watch "Star Trek into Darkness" (I gave it 8 points, but maybe 7 would be more like it, not sure), the 12th Star Trek movie, wow. I actually wrote a whole entry about the movie, but its in Klingon, so tlhIngan Hol DayajlaHchugh, vaj ghItlhwIj yIlaD!
In other news, I checked the languages of my dictionaries and made a list on Facebook, but unfortunately it's not a up-to-date one anymore, now.

I watched "Star Trek into Darkness" again. And on June 8 my life-long dream finally became true: I got to hear Star Trek music live in concert! The Jugendsinfonieorchester Leipzig (which Keturah is a member of) played it during a free concert in my town, and it was soooooooooo great! I'm not exaggerating. The YouTube recording of the Star Trek medley doesn't quite do it justice. :)
I've seen "Star Trek VIII: First Contact" (10 points!) for the 30th time, no kiddin'! been to Esperanto-Anja's birthday party, to Saskia's birthday party, but I couldn't go to Keziah's birthday party because...
...My girlfriend Jana came to Leipzig! All the way from the Ural mountains, despite some visa problems! We first spent a day in Berlin with Chuck & Judith, then went to Leipzig, we had a little Star Trek evening with Lisa & Ronny and some others, and we went to visit Dresden and met Thomas and Andrea there. We also went to the Sprachenabend together. End of June.

Jana and I also bought new glasses for both of us at my sister's shop. Now we look even more similar. We went to an international BBQ with other foreign students from Hungary, Hongkong, Indonesia, Romania and so on. And after about 3 weeks Jana had to leave again and return home. But we took a lot of photos which you can see in our Facebook album if you're friends with me on Facebook.
With the Linguistics' FSR there was another BBQ in the park which I had to attend without Jana, though. Later, that month, the mdr (Middle German Television) came to visit me in our garden to make a short (very short, just 6 minutes) report about me, my (then) 345 dictionaries and my language knowledge (between minutes 13 and 19 in the video).

August was marked by a large linguistic conference, the ALT 10, about linguistic typology, here in Leipzig. Of course I attended as much talks I could manage, but it was difficult for me and Lukas, who dwelled in my lodging at night. I also met the famous hyperpolyglott Monsieur Hagège there (but he didn't speak Thai, hah!). And Diana asked me if I'd like to come on a field trip to Dagestan. Well... I agreed.
Then we had "Starfleet BBQ" at Peter's place, roasting sausages and talking about Star Trek the whooooooole evening. That was great! And then Lisa and I visited Chuck & Judith in Berlin, just for fun and to play video games and visit the computer game museum. Luckily with the new Fernbus system going to Berlin has become very cheap and comfortable.
On August 30 I finished watching all episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (for perhaps the 7th or 8th time, call me crazy), this is part of my plan to watch all episodes of Star Trek again, starting in late 2012 with Voyager, which was on TV back then, now having finished TNG and I also started DS9 (my all-time favorite). In the meantime (January) I've also watched all episodes of Enterprise, and I hope to be able to see The Original Series before I go to Dagestan in February... we'll see.

We had the EJUS-Jahreshauptversammlung (Annual Meeting of the Esperanto Youth of Saxony) and I volunteered and was elected for president. So yes, I'm the president of the Esperanto Youth of Saxony. Pay me tributes! Otherwise, this month was quite eventless, I was busy working, I went to play badminton again with Wen-Ying, I watched a lot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but we did have a class reunion (after 10 years!) with my former class (the one from before I repeated the 11th grade), and it was really nice and interesting, so many old faces and old stories. And it's a good time to watch Star Trek, because it had a very round birthday in 2013 — it got 47 years old! And lastly, September 30 was my last day as a student, officially. With 3470 days altogether, I've been a student for quite exactly ⅓ of my life, at least back then. Now it's just 32.8% of my life, but I'm soon going to be a (PhD) student again, technically.

Still being unable to say good-bye to my university for good, I attended the Kneipentour (bar-hopping / pub crawl) for the new first-semester students of Linguistics, and they're really cool people! One guy is a conlanger, another one speaks Persian, several of them speak Russian natively and one girl looks just like Ezri Dax from DS9 (but with longer hair ^^).
Some Esperantists from Dresden (but partly from France and Italy) visited us here in Leipzig. On the engagement party of René & Melanie I had a lot of fun and also got to know Maria, who studies sociology and works in a company that collects used LEGO stones. :D
And we met again at Peter's to watch even *more* Star Trek. And there was Svea's birthday party. Unfortunately I didn't write anything into my LJ between June and December, so... *shrugs*

Melanie, René and Johanna taught me how to make pancakes. Whee! And I wrote an article for the Esperanto magazine kune about equality and discrimination in Star Trek. I might publish it someday here, but it's all in Esperanto.
And I attended the 51st StuTS in Düsseldorf, the Student Conference on Linguistics, yay! No article, but some very nice photos! I met an old friend from a klingonists' conference there.
I tried to attend two birthday parties at the same day, 'twas difficult. But I enjoyed it and stayed at Sören's party till the next morning.

Melli (a fellow linguist I met in Düsseldorf) visited Leipzig, me and a talk here. We watched "Gravity" (9 points, OMG!) and went to the Sprachenabend together. Keziah, I and the others finally found time to make a second Star Wars evening and watch the three new parts.
On December 6 I got a new phone: My old htc Desire got really unbearable, so I decided to buy myself a Google Nexus 5, which I'm still happy about. Good choice! *patpat* I paid 350 € for it.
Something really special: I applied for a PhD position at the University of Zurich, about languages and language contact in Myanmar and I got the position! I even started to learn some Burmese already, whoo! I'm so happy and I'm really looking forward to Switzerland and Myanmar. I really should blog more often.
Other things: Christmas parties at Anne's (fun!), at the university with the linguists (cool!), and a Star-Trek-themed one at Peter's place again (geeky!). Christmas itself was nice. I got mainly clothes, some money, chocolate and cookies. Nothing too special.
And after Christmas, on December 29 I took the train to Dortmund, and from there a plane to Kiev, Ukraine. Why? Well, to meet my girlfriend Jana, of course! We met in the middle, and decided for Ukraine, because we both didn't need a visum for it. It was a great week, we spent New Year's Eve together on the Майдан... I really hope I can find the time to write an entry about out visit to Kiev. In the meantime you can (maybe, if this works) see our photos from Kiev.

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