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Happy 11th birthday, dear blog!

Yes, I know, I hardly write in here anymore. It's sad, but it's Facebook's and GoogleCalendar's fault. But at least once every year on April 1 I'll write an entry at least. Same procedure as every year.
Today is Easter Monday, but nothing much is going on. I slept in, had a really really weird dream in which I was walking through the aisles and over the stairs of a library and feeling very strange, having sore muscles all over my body and having difficulties moving. In my dream I had been diagnosed with muscle atrophy and was slowly losing my mobility, although I could still walk. It was a terrifying feeling to notice this change. I woke up and immediately realized that it was just a dream. Luckily. After waking up a bit later, I repeated and learned Russian vocabulary with Anki, I got up and I grabbed some food downstairs at my parents'. Today's plans include writing this entry, taking a shower, reading my Dutch novel (Virus), preparing something for a friend's birthday, blah blah is anyone still reading this at all. Oh, since it's Monday, I mustn't forget to write another invitation e-mail for tomorrow's Soirée Polyglotte.

Now to the annual statistics (April 1, 2013):
• Created: 2002-03-31 15:22:37 (US time-zone; here it was already April 1)
• Account type: Basic Account
• Entries: 2,197 (same as in 2012 I only wrote 10 entries in one year)
• Rate: 0.55 entries per day
• Comments: 9.309 posted; 11.744 received
• Tags: 86
• Interests: 144
• Friends: 121
• Friend of: 131
• Member of: 24 communities

This all proves the stagnant nature of my journal. Actually I have a little LiveJournal app on my mobile phone. I don't know why I don't use it more often...
Tags: dreams, english, meme

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