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Result of my Magisterarbeit

Today's date is or 49 days after the end of the world. Friday. I have decided to overcome my laziness in blogging by installing an LJ app on my smartphone... we'll see if this actually works. I'd still like to see an option to also post a link directly onto my Facebook timeline. Anyways...


I recently got the results for my Magister's thesis! You know, I wrote about the gender assignment to loanwords in Tsez, a Northeast Caucasian language from Dagestan. I wrote about 80 pages and wasn't quite happy with it, although the feeling of finally being done with this large burden work was stronger. I had handed it in to my two supervisors Bernard Comrie and Martin Haspelmath in mid November last year.
So I got the results! Wanna know?


Altogether it's a 1.1, which is just close to 1.0 - the best result (4.0 would be barely passed and everything less is a failed, by the way). I got a 1.3 from Martin who also gave me his corrected version and suggested to me writing a shorter version of no more than 20 pages about my findings (preferably in English) and to publish it somewhere in a journal. Great idea! Bernard apparently gave me an incredible 1.0, but I haven't talked to him yet. He is still at St. Barbara, I think.


So what's next?
Written exam on fieldwork methods on Monday (I'm currently reading de Reuse's book as preparation), oral exam about phonetics (pharyngeals and the sonority hierarchy) on Tuesday the week after, and a final oral exam in language change (about grammaticalization) at the beginning of March. OMG, I'll be finished soon!
I'll also have an exam in Sumerian on the same day as the phonetics one, but it's not obligatory, so I'm doing this just for fun. Sumerian for fun, hehe...


I don't really know what to do afterwards, to be honest. I'm joping for a PhD position in linguistics, but I'd be happy as a scientific assistant or whatever it's called until I've found something nice. Perhaps the MPI has something to offer (ASJP, Tsez...).


I have been to a conference about "Agreement in Discourse" recently, in Bamberg, where I also talked to Diana F., who made some useful suggestions that might help me in my choices.


That's all for now. Cheers!

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