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My Review of the Year 2012

With only 6 blog entries in the past year, it get's more and more difficult to reconstruct what I did. Luckily Facebook and Google Calendar help me with that. I still remember that I celebrated New Year with Uta, Stephan and Tiên, which was really nice, because we first had raclette at Uta's place and later some Vietnamese food with Tiên's family. Celebrating New Year without Esperanto felt strange, though... but I was in nice company and had tasty food. Later in January we even had snow. Between January 4 and 7 there was the twentieth Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (ConSOLE) in Leipzig where I participated and got to listen to many interesting talks by students (and sometimes professors). Oh, and the students' magazine student! wrote an article about Esperanto at the Sprachenabend. :)

8 February: My oral language exam in Chinese, finally! I had practiced with 雯英 (Wen-Ying) in advance and this helped me a lot. It was still quite difficult and I had a monologue to give that I didn't know much about. But in the end I got a 2.3 — yay! Then I had my 27th birthday. I got (partly myself) a textbook on Thai and a reference grammar of Itelmen (whoo!). Bad news, though: the 熙桂园 (Xi Gui Yuan) – the best Chinese restaurant in Leipzig – closed. Too bad. :( More good news (actually "olds"): I got twice a 2.0 for my translations in Chinese. I also took part once in the protests against ACTA.

Speaking of Thai, I also met almost every week with อ้อย (Ooy) to practice Thai with her. Unfortunately it's really hard to find Thai speaking people in Leipzig. In March I also went to the Leipzig Bookfair with Ulrike and อ้อย. And I went to some jazz concerts with 雯英. The rest was mostly sitting in the library and studying for my final exam in Chinese studies.

And my dear LiveJournal had its 10-year anniversary! I went to play badminton at the university frequently with 雯英, Ulrike and others and I even sometimes went jogging. And there was Easter and the Thai New Year (2555). On April 17 I finally had my last Chinese studies exam, the topic was the history of the Chinese language, the Qin dynasty and the Dai minority. And I aced it with a 1.0; finally after 8 years of study I finished Chinese studies! And not even as bad as I expected years ago! I also went to a karaoke evening at the local Confucius Institute. Later that month, some Thai students organized a Thai barbecue in the Friedenspark and invited me as well. So I got to know some really nice Thai people, like for instance ส้อม (Som), with whom I met again twice, afterwards.

On May 5 we organized the Studieninformationstag at the university and introduced Linguistics to interested soon-to-be-students, one of them was Keziah (or [ˈceːt͡ɬja]), whom I managed to stay in contact with. We convinced her not only to study linguistics, but also to learn Esperanto, hah! Then there was the 51st StuTS (Students' Conference on Linguistics) in Stuttgart, which was really alot of fun, although I didn't particularly like the city so much. Also, according to my Facebook, we were 11 Esperanto speakers at the Sprachenabend, once!

On June 2 ส้อม indeed visited Leipzig again and I showed her my beautiful city. What I really liked was that we really spoke Thai most of the time. That was quite fun, actually. The next day, she and I went to Dresden, where we met some (German and Brasilian) friends of her and took a stroll through the capital of Saxony. Also in June, we made some recordings and elicitations for a linguistics class. Later on, I visited ส้อม in Halle, where she studied for some months. I've never seen much of Halle before. It's nice, small, but I still prefer Leipzig! But again it was a fun day and we spoke a lot of Thai. During the FSR elections, I got to know Вера (Vera) from the FSR ALuTi and we went to their barbecue party in the park. And hey, on June 27 I became 10,000 days old! Oh my, I'm really old, heh.

Holidays began. 雯英 and I spent some time with her friends from Taiwan. The people from our Esperanto table also met up at Лена's (Lena's) garden and we had a little barbecue party. We should do this more often! We also had a barbecue in the park with the linguists. I made a map of the languages I have dictionaries and grammars in (as you know, I collect dictionaries). At the end of July, I thought about going to Hungary for the IJS, because I really missed real Esperanto conferences. But I decided against it, or it was too late already. It later turned out, that I made the right choice... (keep reading!)

Beginning of August was quite uneventful, I met with อ้อย for Thai-German language exchange, sometimes 雯英, whom I also often speak Chinese with. But because I didn't go to Hungary for the IJS, I decided to go to France instead, for the FESTO. So I went to Métabief, which is situated close to the French-Swiss border, and I met many people I already knew, a lot of cool new people, among them the coolest girl in the world: Jana, who is now my girlfriend. :) I always thought, long-distance relationships are painful and complicated, and this may be true for syntactic constructions and agreement patterns in some Caucasian languages, but not for the two of us, miraculously. By the way, she is from Russia and studies astrophysics. Isn't this amazing?! And our everyday language is Esperanto. ^^ I recommend to follow the link linked with the word FESTO up there. Or visit the photos on Facebook!

In September I continued writing my magister's thesis with the topic "Loanwords in Tsez", which I had changed from the earlier topic about Mongolian writing systems. Лиза (Liza) from the Esperanto table and her friend made an extremely beautiful video (watch in HD!) and I can be seen for a few seconds in a little scene. An Esperanto band (Kapriol') from the Netherlands came to Leipzig to play folk music and invited people to dance. By the way, here is a funny picture of a cat. We had the annual meeting of the EJUS (Saxon Esperanto Youth) and that's it. Oh no, wait! I actually wrote an LJ entry about pseudo-cognates in the world's languages, which I even try to keep updated! And I wrote about a strange dream I had.

In October university started again. My final semester (I guess), only Linguistics left to do, but out of interest and fun, I took up a beginners course in Sumerian, which turned out to be extremely interesting! The first week of university was full of cool things: introductory lecture for the new freshmen (hi Keziah! ^^), pub night with them, playing badminton again, signing up for the StuTS and organizing a Saxon-wide Esperanto meet-up here in Leipzig, with just two guests not from here: Thomas and Andrea from Dresden. I knew Thomas from the FESTO; the meeting really was a lot of fun! Another thing: "Esperanto-Anja", my first Esperanto acquaintance, originally from Bremen, moved to Leipzig and is now studying translation here! Unfortunately she's often too busy to come to our dear Esperanto table. Well, and I spent a lot of time at the MPI library again, writing my final thesis. Also, a secret package that I smuggled into Russia arrived at my girlfriend's place and made her happy. ^^

I handed in my magister's thesis! 80 pages, so happy it's over! I'm still waiting for the result, though. November 21 – 25 I went to Berlin for the StuTS, it was great fun again and similarly as before, I liked the conference really much, but Berlin isn't a city I'd choose to live in. But who knows, maybe one day I'll have to? I also frequented the Russian consulate here in Leipzig, in order to get a visa. I succeeded. Why Russia? Read on!

I actually went to Russia to visit Jana there! Despite the usual -16°C (once the temperature fell down to even -28°C!) there, it was really wonderful and I liked Jekaterinburg and Jana's family a lot! You're invited to read everything (well, no, not everything) about it in my LJ entry, linked above, if you speak Esperanto. So, yeah, my first time in Russia. And most likely not the last one, hehe. Before the flight there and after the flight back, I also spent some time in Berlin and visited Chuck & Judith. Soon after my return, university was over for this year, there was the last Language Evening before the end of the world and on December 21, the world exploded in a giant ball of fire and took every living organism with it the Maya calender switched from to and nothing else happened that day; but I shall use Maya dates more often from now on. Then, all of a sudden, came Christmas, happy time with my family, including my granny and uncle, my sister and her boyfriend Sven and their little daughter Linda, who would turn 3, five days later. And finally... finally! Finally I went to the JES (Junulara E-Semajno) again, this time in Naumburg, very close to Leipzig, and I was happy that some friends from Leipzig came there, as well, such as Lisa, Paul, Alex, Clarissa and even Susett. Of course I met many old friends there, too... we celebrated New Year there and the atmosphere was really great. But that's something I hope to write about in a few days, here in my LJ. Stay tuned!

~ The End ~

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