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• Review of 2010 •

My Review of the Year 2010

It's almost a wonder (I'm greatly exaggerating here) that I came back unharmed from the Esperanto-meeting (JES) in Poland, where especially the way back was an adventure. I wrote two slightly polemic entries about alleged anglicisms in the German language (namely Oh mein Gott and nicht wirklich).

In February I wrote – as every other blog and news website – about the death of the Bo language, then I wrote in German about the arguably best vocabulary learning software ANKI which I still use to study Chinese and Thai vocabulary with. As every year since 1986, it was my birthday on February 10; the same entry also tells about the purchase of my beloved netbook computer.

Seems I visited Altenburg for a few days, with Lisa (my former girlfriend). In this entry, though, I first wrote of my decision of going to Kunming, China, where I currently am (so it worked, whoo!). Later on I visited the Leipzig Book Fair with Lisa, where I didn't only saw the German comedian Michael Mittermeier, but also my arch enemy Bastian Sick. Bah. But I did something to improve my Chinese, too: I went to attend a Chinese course (see lesson 1 and the rest of it), where I got the information about the scholarship from the Confucius Institute, which I immediately applied for — successfully (that's why I'm here now).

It was my LiveJournal's 8th birthday, yay! And I'm already looking forward to next April 1 for more interesting statistics, as I'm writing more regularly now. This is a private entry dedicated to myself telling my future me how to complete my studies at the University of Leipzig in summer 2012. Then the 9th KEKSO meeting (Esperanto-meeting for beginners) took place in Hamburg. One day later, the university started again.

I posted my schedule for the 12th semester [sic!], which includes two language courses: one in Türçe, one in Quechua. Then, unbelievable as it might sound, Lisa and I – while talking in Esperanto on the tram – for the first time ever met an Esperanto speaker by chance, that was really really mojose! Short time later, during the WGT, someone else noticed and asked us if we were speaking Esperanto. We were also in the Wildpark together. Later, the 47th StuTS took place in Mainz, a conference of students of Linguistics and related subjects. It was pretty cool, as usual.

At the beginning of June I finally got the affirmative answer that I could go to Kunming for a year to study Chinese, two and a half months before really going there (see August below). In this entry I then showed how Bastian Sick's research methods are based on pure imagination and that his suggestions are better not to be trusted. This entry then talks about three things: 1) how I recognized someone speaking Chechen on the tram; 2) the summer party at the MPI and 3) the color party at Sabine's and Ulrike's place.

I bought the ticket for my flight to Kunming. Later was the last day of my 12th semester. I started my holidays with visiting Leo, Alina, Cosima and Liesa in the Rhein-Main area of Germany — a really cool and fun four days. As the days until my departure to China got few and few, I had more and more parties, as the Mahjongg evening with Tina at Nicole's house (a fellow student of Chinese studies), that was really awesome, I hope I can get a chance to play Mahjongg again! The same entry briefly mentions the combined pool and Dr. Who party I had at my house, where I invited Tina, Helen and Tina's two friends from Finnland. Here's a description of at least some of my preperations for China. At the end of July I then participated the 5th SALO meeting (an Esperanto meeting for children of Herzberg am Harz and Góra, Poland), where I gave language courses and played kindergarten teacher, as I sometimes had the impression.

I started that month proving that zum Teufel is probably not an americanism. Ten days before my departure I wrote about more preparations; this might be interesting to someone else going to China as well. But I was bored one day and started to learn Slovio (a Slavic-based planned language project) and forgot about it the next day again. Quite fun, though. I had some problems with my Chinese visa, though. Then, after almost one year, just in time before going to Kunming, I finished my German-Chinese vocabulary deck in ANKI, so read more about ANKI here! Then I arrived in China, the adventure began. Read more about my first five days in China here. One day later we all had to take an examination at the hospital, scary...

My first impression of Chinese education can be read here. By the way, I need to say that I started writing (almost) everything in German, sorry for the non-germanophone readers of mine. About our new Japanese roommate Takumi I wrote here. And I posted my schedule of the first term, which I haven't updated in a while, though. So it's quite outdated. The four of our room then went to eat our first Hot Pot, I went to the Minority Village in Kunming with two Hongkong girls and my Japanese roommate. Later we had "real" (i.e. better) Hot Pot with the Thais. Speaking of Thai, I began to learn Thai in September, too! We had an international food party and I visited some temples with my friend Haiyan. Also pretty amazing was our experience with KTV (the Chinese karaoke), and I was invited to a Chinese family dinner of a friend.

We climbed the West Mountains here in Kunming. They also began switching off our energy at 12:30 every night and we started with calligraphy lessons... which I later was too lazy to go to again. But I bought a new camera for ¥ 1,860 and wrote something interesting about my financial situation here in China (both in the same entry). Other than that, October was quite uneventful.

The Thais and I went to the big zoo in Kunming and watched the pandas, tigers and peacocks, that was really cool. Later that month, our roommate Takumi left again. This entry tells about out mid-term exams, our internet problem and a presentation I gave about Germany in front of 200 Chinese students, how our roommate Li Rui changed to another room and some more things. Some of these things already happened in December, though, not sure. ;)

Our teachers made us go to the sports meet at Chenggong and there's also a brief description of how I spent Christmas in China with Chinese, Cantonese, Dai, Australian, Singhalese, Yi and Thai friends. The results of my final exams of the first semester here in China I only wrote today. Today is the last day of 2010 and I'm probably going to spend it with Tik and Co., though it doesn't seem that anyone has prepared or planned anything... I'll see.

~ The End ~

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Dec. 31st, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
Tja, über so ein Jährchen kann man sich wohl nicht beklagen :)
Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:00 am (UTC)
Whoa! Ganz toller Jahresrückblick :D
Ich lese mich gerade durch deine China-Einträge & muss hier und da doch schmunzeln. Die ersten 5 Tage in China scheinen für das ganze Land universell zu gelten...
Die 400RMB musste ich hier aber auch bezahlen. Die sind dafür, dass die Uni mit deinem Reisepass und deinem Einreisevisum zum nächsten PSB geht und dein Visum in eine Aufenthaltsgenehmigung umwandelt. ;)
Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:06 am (UTC)
Danke. Inzwischen ist mir das auch bewusst, mit dem Visum. ^^
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