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• Review of 2009 •

My Review of the Year 2009

Side note: This entry was written on May 21 and backdated, because I am such a procrastinator.

As usual, I spent my New Year at the Internacia Seminario in Biedenkopf together with Tina. It was quite cool there, and I even did my accent imitation sketch again. More information about the IS (in Esperanto) and photos you find linked in the respective entry. For the funny game of Cambridge Mao, which involves a card called "the badger" (and people always ask "What's a badger?" or "Kio estas melo?") I made a collection of translations of the word badger in all languages. I also had my last Esperanto lesson at the university, and in the same entry you'll find a short note about the Swadesh Centenary Conference, which also featured the ASJP project I am involved in.
Thanks to the Google Calendar, I can also reconstruct other things I did which I didn't write about in my LJ. This includes a meeting of the Saxon Esperanto Youth after my return from Biedenkopf.

In January and February, Tina and I used to go ice-skating almost every week. There were some parties I attended, including a visit of the Baikaltrain discotheque in Leipzig. Furthermore, I celebrated my 24th birthday. More information about these things you'll find here. On my birthday, the Esperantists from Chemnitz also visited Leipzig and we had much fun at the Language Evening and were more people than on any other table there. They even baked a cake for me!

On LiveJournal I collected the word for family in 200 languages and I posted an interesting, complex question difficult to answer about the syntax of Esperanto. I also wrote about Chinese "dialects" and new dictionaries in my collection. A note to self: Here's a Tsez poem posted in the comments, written in Cyrillic even! Then I collected gold in all languages. Another cool real-life event was the Leipzig Book Fair 2009, to which Johanna and Melanie accompanied me. The highlight was a very informative presentation by Prof. Bickel, to which I and some other linguists (including Lisa!) went as well. Man, March was REALLY eventful! A bit later, Koĉjo and Leo visited Leipzig and together with Liesa and Tina we showed them Leipzig; later on we also were at the bimonthly Esperanto meeting in Leipzig. Then I spent March 25 to 28 in Newcastle, UK at the International Workshop on Pharyngeals and Pharyngealisation, where we presented a poster on our work on Tsez pharyngeals. That was really cool.

As every year, my LiveJournal celebrated its birthday on April 1, so I posted some statistics on my LJ's 7th birthday. Here you can inspect my university schedule, because my 10th semester also started that month. Sometime later I finally finished my term paper about Demonstrative Pronouns in Tsez and also assumed a position as tutor for Grammatical Analysis for Mr. Peterson. Then there was a the KEKSO in Creglingen where I also gave an Esperanto course again; that was the best KEKSO ever, IMHO... and I broke my record and ate 5 chickenburgers at McDonald's! I also was at two minor concerts and I got an 1.7 on my paper on Tsez. What else? I also wrote about the dance course and my Tutorium here.

The beginning of May I spent at Wollin, Brandenburg, where Tina is from and we went to visit the Walpurgisnacht and a blossom festival in a small town there. Later on, I speculated about the possible plurals of Krokus, in mid-May there was the Studieninformationstag (Laura also came back from China and got me an electronic translator I had asked her for). And I watched the new Star Trek movie and gave it 9 points!
Then a mid-sized catastrophe occured: I got a computervirus! It deleted many of my files and I had a hard time recovering them again. I succeeded mainly and the loss of data was bearable. I bought a new (and legal) version of Windows XP, later on. Interesting for the German speakers and linguists among my readers might be my corpus analysis of "einzigste", which I often use as an argument against people, who claim "einzigste" and Co. are wrong and should not be used. Due to my father's 60th birthday on May 23, I could not attend the StuTS in Düsseldorf... for the first time in my study carreer the StuTS had to happen without me.

Still reading? At the beginning of June (or was it the end of May?) my cat Moritz died of illness. May he rest in peace. I "guarded" the MPI's table at the CAMPUS 2009 science exhibition (same entry, but written in Klingon, sorry!) and I went to IKEA with Tina and her family, which was actually pretty cool. I also finished my LexiquePro file of the Klingon dictionary. Yay!

Between the 18th and 25th of July, I was in Liberec, Czech Republic, for the IJK (Internacia Junulara Kongreso), the second IJK I went to, by the way. I also presented our ASJP project there and had an absolutely great time. I also got to know many more native Esperanto speakers, including a very nice girl from Hungary. Although this is my only LJ entry in July, I did more than going to Liberec: a major event was the wedding ceremony (the entry is from August) of Robert (weemeyer) and Carolin (karulin) near Munich. I've never been to a marriage before. We linguists also had a little barbeque in the park, which you also find in the aforementioned entry.

I visited Berlin! I was invited by Chuck (amuzulo) and Judith, and together with Duncan Charters, an Esperantist from the USA, I performed a sketch for a larger group of local Esperantists. That was quite funny. Judith also showed me a vocabulary trainer named "ANKI" and a really cool monolingual Latin studybook. In the same entry you can read about a school reunification of my abitur class. That one was quite boring. By the way, in this year (although I don't remember when) I started to read the Perry Rhodan series! Just wanted to mention that. Jan Christof also visited Leipzig and Liesa and I showed him the city and we also went to that 360° Amazonas exhibition. In a Chinese entry I also wrote about the Landtagswahlen in Saxony, where I assisted in my area. On August 21, Tina went on a longer trip to Ireland, and when she came back, nothing was as before (okay, I admit, that's a dramatic exaggeration)... well, let's say that Tina's feelings for me diminished and during the course of almost two months, we were more like good friends and later (there's no official date to that) broke up.

This month actually is full of entries! Due to the Latin book I had borrowed from Judith earlier, I wrote some of them in Latin (see for yourself!), and to practice I even started to read the New Testament (of the Bible) in Latin. Also, Tina came back to Leipzig from Ireland and Wollin. She and I went to visit the Museum, I started to take Chinese lessons again and I began to use ANKI. I also translated cookbooks to all languages and later on was the 8th KEKSO in Dessau (yes, there are two of these Esperanto-workshops per year). It was the one organized together with an alternative youth organization named "Was bewegen".

I finally took real Chinese courses at the local Confucius Institute and wrote about it every day (five days in a row). My Chinese improved a bit indeed and I noticed that each day, I got a little better. Tina and I later invited a fellow linguist from the StuTS to the Language Evening, because we knew he spoke Esperanto as well (that was Christian). Also in this entry: the introduction to the new freshmen of Linguistics plus the obligatory bar-hopping. Here's also what my 11th semester schedule looked like. By the way, at the beginning of October was also the First Semester Outing to Oberau, near Dresden, after which Michael, Helen and I (and some others later) decided to establish a Circulus Latinus Lipsiensis to practice spoken Latin. But we never managed to actually meet up for that. But the end of October also marked another course of events (if one can say so): I got to know Lisa. We went ice-skating. :)

It took quite a while, but in the end, several weeks later, we got together. In November I also wrote an interesting entry about people who linked to my journal. In the mid of November I also went to the StuTS in Bochum which – although/because being about German for a larger part – was really great. At the end of November I was in Berlin again, this time for the Conference of the Interlinguistic Society. I presented the ASJP project and how constructed languages come out in the phylogenetic trees we produced.

Here I really didn't write much in my journal. There was Luise's birthday party, I went ice-skating with Lisa again, the FaRaLɪŋ prepared the Christmas party and we baked and decorated cookies (at AKW's place, this time), the party was on December 16. We showed Lisa's friend Rutra the city, watched Avatar together (which was great!), and then it was Christmas all of a sudden. On December 29, 2009 at 2:58 am CET my sister's baby girl was born: Linda Sophie is her name and she is a really cute baby. So I became an uncle! However, I didn't see her until 2010, when I came back from Sucha Beskidzka the Junulara E-Semajno en Zakopane (JES). That was really an adventure and being able to read my entry about the renkontiĝo is already worth learning Esperanto, trust me. ;) So... within the part of the JES that was still in 2009, I was in Germany, the Czech Republic (again), Polland and Slovakia.
Next year at this time I will perhaps be writing this review not from Leipzig, but from Kunming, because I devided to finally go to China.

~ The End ~

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