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• Review on 2008 •

My Review on the Year 2008

After returning from the 51ª Internacia Seminario in Würzburg (the annual Esperanto meeting I attend), I registered on Facebook and Goodreads, two typical Web 2.0 sites. I found out about "Anglish", a conlang, or rather modified natural language, and had to write an entry in Anglish.

In February I found out (through timwi) that "Rollygeddon" got finished – and animated short movie of someone, who once asked me on ICQ if I could pronounce him a sentence in Chinese — so I have a small role in a short movie now! Furthermore I learned that they would produce a new Star Trek movie, so I had a look at the new characters. I had my 23rd birthday on February 10th, as every year and got addicted to Doctor Who (same entry).

I had my second birthday party (maybe this was still in February?), and I also went to a little party at Lisa's place — that was the day where her chocolate fountain went berserk. I also wrote an entry in French IPA, and I went to a small reading of André Meinunger's new book "Sick of Sick?", which turned out to be really great. This entry here speaks about my visit to the 2008 Leipzig Book Fair with Helen. Then we refounded the EJUS – the Saxon Esperanto Youth – where I am the "vice president", whoo! In our ASJP project the newest ASJP world tree came out and I just had to analyze it a little... I also had some guests over for a few days around Easter: joschiJohanna and her friend Kristina.

As every year, I "celebrated" my LiveJournals birthday (the 6th already) with a statistical entry, you can be sure I'll write something similar on April 1, 2009! And I attended another Esperanto meeting: the sub_18 in Göttingen, which was really cool and fun. Because of that, I missed the first part of the LSSLD (Leipzig Spring School on Linguistic Diversity), then university started again. See also my schedule for the 8th semester. Thanks to Tina, I started to visit the Leipziger Sprachenabend again. We also had a little barbecue in the park with Kathi and some others.
By the way, on April 7 I also started to use Google Calendar which I can use as well to reconstruct what I did when. :]

In preparation for the next StuTS, I borrowed a Dutch grammar from the MPI library and read it, in that entry you can also read that I joined the Wikipedia-Stammtisch but found it to be quite boring. Later on, I wrote about the 43th StuTS in Amsterdam which was really really cool, partly because I spent so much time with Tina and partly because Amsterdam is really a wonderful city. Christine D. visited me as well for some days, just to see Leipzig, but I'm not sure if she really liked the city as much as I do.

The highlight of June was probably Marc Okrand's visit and lecture on Klingon — he's the inventor of the Klingon language and gave a lecture and later on went to have dinner with us, it was so great! More funny languages: I found an old Melpa dictionary and wrote down some sentences for you to laugh about. I also went to Sarah's garden party and went to the MPI by bike(!), you can also read about my talk on Limbu, a little meet-up with Leipzig's Esperantists, listened to Helen's talk on drum languages at her school.

Many things happened in July, but due to laziness I crammed them all into one entry about tuberculosis, sinusitis, Alex' great party, my new glasses, the last university day and my visit to a wellness check.

Same as in July, I crammed much into one entry, which is now about Tina, Danaé & نورهان and most importantly: my finally passed Chinese intermediate exam! In August I also went to a reunion of our former elementary school's class and at the end of the month I went to my second sub_18 in Naumburg, which was great yet again (see the entry's German translation here).

September wasn't very eventful... to be honest, I didn't find any interesting entry there, but feel free to read about the ASJP project, the Dené-Yeniseian theory and an Arabists' party I attented or about a movie evening, the Wenker-Atlas or the Sprachenabend...

In October I watched "K-PAX", was at the farewell party for Danaé, at Conny's birthday, Alex and I gave a presentation on Esperanto in the city, where I also met Erich-Dieter Krause, showed the city to an Esperantist from Israel together with Alex and Tina, attended the Egyptian-Coptic conference at our MPI (read this, this and this entry, plus the previous one in this sentence). Then we introduced the BA Linguistics to the new students (the annual "Erstsemestereinführung" with the legendary "Kneipentour"). Later the month we got to see "The Linguists" at the MPI, Tina and I had my first Esperanto lesson at the university — that is, I taught. That means, my 9th semester started, so you can check my schedule here. With the first-semester students we visited Wernigerode for the "Ersti-Fahrt" and Tina and I went to see "WALL·E" (another 10 point movie).

Not long ago Tina and I also went to a lecture on Tibetan calligraphy and we all went to the 44th StuTS in Münster... really, StuTSen, Ersti-Fahrten and Esperanto meetings are the highlights of my year, it seems. ;)
There are some other news about November/December, but I won't go into that now... most of you can guess it anyway.

Quite a little catastrophe happened to me at the beginning of December: I dislocated my jaw (on both sides!). Luckily, Tina went to the dentist with me, who was able to fix my face again. And I had my first "real" fieldwork trip to Braunau am Inn, Austria, where Sven, Diana, Арсен and I recorded a Hinukh speaker. Then comes already the entry about my uncle Horst's 71th birthday and my entry about this year's Christmas. That's about all for this year.
I'm not sure if I will write anything more in 2008 (probably not), so let me just add that the day after tomorrow Tina and I will go to Biedenkopf for the Internacia Seminario. I'm really really looking forward to that now, I gotta say!

~ The End ~

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