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~~~Review on 2007 ~~~

My Review on the Year 2007

Unfortunately my blog coverage is very sparse in this part of my life... I remember being at the Internacia Seminario at the Wewelsburg near Paderborn. Fortunately I've updated the most important things anyway, two months later...

This month I wrote no entry, but fortunately I did in March: I took my written Linguistics intermediate exam (in Phonology, Morphology and Semantics), the results came later: I passed. Not as well as I expected or hoped, but still well. And there were the oral Chinese intermediate exams again, for me... and I didn't pass them that semester either. Darn! I also planned to go to China with inselLaura and Co., but unfortunately I couldn't, 'cause I caught a heavy angina. Here you can read about all this...

It seems that it was then, than I discovered two great new (English) TV series: "Heroes" (thanks to m_e_l_l_iMelanie) and "Mind Your Language" (thanks to timwiTimwi. I continued working at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (where I still work), I have started to work on the Klingon Wiki'a again, and went to Zaira's birthday party, which was very nice. But the bad things was, that Ariane and I broke off. All of that is summarized here.

In April was my LiveJournal's 5th birthday and you can see the statistics there. It was also the start of my 6th semester at the university, among the new courses was one about field research and we elicited a speaker of Svan! There was also that nice "Semesterauftaktsparty" in the FrühAuf and later on I also tested a burger at BurgerKing.

Here we have an entry about the Students Information Day at the Campus Jahnallee and later I also wasted some time faking a screenshot of a Mongolian Windows, which was much fun to do! I also wrote a "live" review on the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, later we watched Кукушка at the university (I've never heard Saami before!), and I was at the Leipziger Zoo with Luise, Julia W. and Ariane (same entry). In this entry you can read how I bought a new mp3 player, some more thoughts about Svan, how Bernard Comrie celebrated his 60th birthday.

I "proved" the linguistic relationship of Hungarian and Klingon and bought a new digital camera. Later, there was this übercool barbecue at the Johanna-Park, where we later on spent the night in the GWZ. I also went to the then 12-graders' last school day and to the Pelmeni event of our Russian course (same entry), so cool! Es scheint, als habe ich zu der Zeit auch Julia M. kennengelernt, oder war zumindest mal mit ihr essen... Read this entry if you're interested in the conjugations paradigms of the Svan language! And read this one to know more about how I rescued a tiny bird (photo included!), how I studied hard for my Chinese exam, how we built a pool in our garden, how I planned (again) to go to China and how Julia and I got together... I'm not sure if I should see this as a mistake now or not. It was the best time of my life, followed by the worst time...

In July, I practiced and studied more for my Chinese exam, also with Julia's help.

I wrote an interesting entry about the Planck Length here and had finally passed all my intermediate exams in Sinology, finally!!! According to this survey, my IQ is about 132... apparently the same as Luise's. I have yet to talk Helen into doing this as well. ;)

Look here for a hilarious comic that fits me sooooo well! I got a new task at work: preparing a Tsez audio dictionary, I started to become interested in German Sign Language (and hence learned SuttonSignWriting), I also guided two Taiwanese girls around Leipzig, had my China trip plans cancelled, found out more interesting facts about my family's genealogy (read about all of this here!) and in September I also started to work for/with Søren Wichmann on the ASJP project. And I posted a nice statistic about my posting-laziness on LiveJournal...

Well... then Julia dumped me. In contrast to Ariane, months ago, she was not nice at all and instead tried to make me feel inferior and said bad things to me, which I do not agree with... instead, her e-mails rather showed her own immaturity, her unability to cope with relationships, her totally utopic world view and her intolerance. During the next 2½ months I road on an emotional rollercoaster, first felling desperate and clue- as well as helpless, then confused, later upset and disappointed, let alone utterly frustrated, and now I'm feeling quite apathetic about Julia... I try not to care about her any longer and to forget her, as she's not worth all the fuss. I'd say it depends on her if I can ever be friends with her "highness" again.
Alright... that's that. I also wrote about the outcome of the first ASJP language tree, then university started again with the 7th semester (see my schedule here), I also signed up for Badminton, which I enjoyed very much. When I got my 242nd dictionary, I created a WALS map on the languages they cover and we went to Rathewalde for the Erstifahrt with the new BA Linguistics students. Nice people, they are!

If you are literate in Esperanto, you can read a rant about Julia here. On November 14 there was a studium universale talk about Sign Languages, and Helen was there as well. Later that month I visited Kathi and elicited her little daughter Elisabeth. It's quite interesting to analyze a child's L1 learning process... and then there was the 42nd StuTS (Students' Conference of Linguistics) in Kiel, where I won the first price for a presentation on Tsez. Whee! :D

In December I went to Luise's birthday party, just like last year. And the highlight of the year: The Leipzig Conference on the Languages of the Caucasus! Unfortunately I had to work and missed many interesting talks... hmpf. Anyways, read all about it in the entries of Day #1, Day #2 and Day #3; also have a look at the photos. Thanks to our Sakha course this semester, I managed to write a little entry in Sakha which is probably full of stupid mistakes, but was fun to write. We also had Christmas parties at the GWZ and the MPI... for the former we wrote a really funny sketch called "Wejnachten bei der Sprachfamilie", a must-read if you speak any German! That's all up to now...
This year's Christmas was relatively uneventful, the food was not as good as usual, and as presents I got a new mp3 player, a little book, some cash and lots of candy and chocolate. Oh, and I've signed up on facebook and I'd say I quite like it!
Starting tomorrow, I will go to the annual Esperanto meeting – the Internacia Seminario – this time in Würzburg.
See you next year! =)

~ The End ~

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Dec. 28th, 2007 09:52 pm (UTC)
Ein alter Bekannter wünschte mir unlängst alles Gute für 2009, und du schaust auf 2006 zurück... Da komme ich ganz durcheinander.
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