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~~~ Review on 2006 ~~~

My Review on the Year 2006

I returned from the 49th Internacia Seminario (an Esperanto meeting) in Xanten, it was really cool and we all had a lot of fun, I'd say this was my best IS so far. I've also talked little_jinxStephi into creating a LiveJournal for herself, but she switched it to friends only some time later. Then there was the entry where I described my synaesthesia in full detail, along with a list of colored letters. Hehe, and I also went out to eat with some of my Linguistics professors at the Protzendorff! With a trace of sarcasm (but mostly crude directness) I wrote an entry about my attitude towards self-declared "poems" (*brrrr*).

I collected the word "world peace" in many languages, because someone asked for it. On February 16th, inselLaura and I celebrated our birthdays at the Beyerhaus, with a whole bunch of people.

As you can read in this entry, I began learning Middle Egyptian and read the first 9 pages of the Latin version of Harry Potter. Three from my elementary school (namely Anja, Christin and Marleen) and I met at the Spizz and talked about old times, that was quite nice. Then I went to the Leipzig Book Exhibition with Maria, where she got autograph from Bret Easton Ellis. And there was the LSSLD/LESCOL/Rara&Rarissima, a triple linguistics conference I attended — extremely interesting! Another linguistic thing: With the help of the WALS, I calculated the most widespread features of the world's languages and thus got the Average Language's features, hehe.

The 1st of April was my LiveJournal's 4th birthday and I posted the annual statistics. The Rara & Rarissima conference ended and I posted something about it. I also posted the schedule for my 4th semester, which began in April. And it was the first time I listenend to Avar music, and I had my first lesson of Indonesian at the university. On the 8th I finally moved up into my proper flat in the house of my parents. Hehe, I also once sorted my mp3s by language families — the percentage would look completely different now!

I went to my former school's 100 year anniversary and we celebrated Günni's birthday, which was quite amusing.

The 39th StuTS in Bern, Switzerland, wasn't it cool? I think it was! And I found this cool site with the t-shirts by Katz & Gold.

In July I got into much stress because of my Intermediate Exams in Sinology; especially that in History... Then I had my final exam in Strukturkurs außereuropäischer Sprachen, which I passed, and I wrote a mail to Bernard Comrie, asking if I could get a position as a student assistent at the MPI — he agreed and I got the job. Hooray! But then I had my two oral exams in Chinese and failed both of them... bad day. I need to repeat them after the next semester.

On the 2nd of August I joined the Studi-VZ (www.studivz.net). By then I didn't know that I already knew one of its 3 creators. I also recorded myself making an entry and transcribed it in IPA, which you can see in this IPA entry. Then suddenly, one day I saw Susanne G. (I used to have a crush on her, 4½ to 5 years ago, in school; haven't seen her since then), who saw me and waved at me from the bus window... I was astonished and didn't really believe it was her, 'cause it was dark and I didn't think she would recognize nor remember me anyway — months later it turned out I was wrong. I also wrote an entry in Elvish-German and Urdu-German.

In September I started to work as a student assistant (HiWi) at the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, and my job is to gloss folklore texts in Tsez (a language from the Caucasus, as you can imagine). This is a job that makes me really happy, I still enjoy it really much to work there. I also had my oral exam in Typology, which I passed with a 2.7 only... I was too nervous and wasn't well-prepared for this kind of questions. And we also had a barbeque on the roof of the MPI building. And I had my oral exam in Phonetics (2.3 only). Then the most incredible thing happened: after almost 5 years, I met Susanne G. again! In the Studi-VZ, I couldn't believe my eyes... I added her there and on ICQ and we began to talk — she did remember me, and she was so nice and seemed happy to see me as well.

I posted my 5th semester's schedule and we, the FSR, introduced the new first semester students of Linguistics (now Bachelor instead of Magister) to their future life. When we went to the Kowalski and later to the Triangel (two pubs), this was the first time when I actually met Ariane... at the so-called Erstifahrt to Rathewalde, Ariane was present as well, and I got to know her a little further. Still, I didn't get to know her that well, 'cause she didn't say all that much.

After a loooong Thursday I decided not to go home after the FSR's meeting, but instead spent the night at the FSR room in the GWZ building. I didn't sleep that well... in this entry you can also read how Antonia and I went to the Leipzig Language Evening, how I had Antonia and Eva come to my place and we ate pizza and watched movies, how Laura suddenly called me to ask if I'd like to come to China with her and her fellow students (I said yes and now I'll go to China for a month, next spring), how I started learning Russian this semester and how – believe it or not – I ate an ice with Susanne G. An interesting day was also when Zaira asked for my help in the Khwarshi project she's working on... so I talked about reduplication and reflexive pronouns with her at her office for almost 2½ hours. Poor her! Then there was the 40th StuTS in Göttingen, about which I wrote in my last entry... didn't want to backdate it, but it was in November... just so you know. There I got to know Ariane much better. :)

On the 2nd and 3rd of December, Ariane and I were invited on a party at Luise's place and we decided to make a present for her. So I met with her and... well, it took some time, but when we went tu Luise's and even more when we went back home, Ariane was holding my hand and got really close, 'cause it was cold... well... and now we're officially together. I'm so happy, and she seems so happy too. I can hardly describe my feelings... at least not in English. She and her parents and brothers have invited me to come to their place (the Eifel) over Christmas. How nice! Many other things happened in december, you can read them in this summary entry (e.g. my Esperanto presentation at the language evening or the seminar about Siberian languages I attended). On Friday 22nd I will go to Schleiden with Ariane, and afterwards I'll be at the Wewelsburg in Büren, near Paderborn, where the 50th Internacia Seminario will take place. I'm both nervous and looking forward...

~ The End ~



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Dec. 21st, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy, and she seems so happy too.

Great! I'm happy for both of you!
Dec. 21st, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
Entry tags: engilsh

War das Absicht?
Dec. 21st, 2006 10:27 pm (UTC)
Oops, nee! Danke für die Hinweis.
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