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~ ~ ~ Review on 2004 ~ ~ ~

My Review on the Year 2004

I returned from the 47th IS in Naumburg (Esperanto meeting). It was also the Open Day at the University where I attented a course about Morphology, about Esperanto and one about Hieroglyphics. January is also the month where I put my always up-to-date dictionary collection and my 47 in all languages entries online. I also got my report card for grade 12/1. The most important event was the Elvish course I gave at my school... this led to a giant chain of (mostly positive) events later.

Hehe, for the first time I threw a glimpse at Volapük. In reply to a request by my Arts teacher Mrs. Meyer I gave an Esperanto course at our school. It wasn't as good and interesting as the Elvish course, though. And it was the first time that I talked to Birgit Spörl and the beginning of my frendship with (almost) the entire 9d grade. On the 10th of February I had my 19th birthday. As you can see here, I also attempted to learn Middle Egyptian once. I went to my first (stupid) Chattertreffen with sidmaronVicky and Bekka and also my first time ice-skating at the Eisdom later.

I had my second Elvish course at school and got to know two other girls through that: Kristina Billwitz and Caroline Wegener. Then I visited Birgit and somehow developed a crush on her. I also began cramming together a collection of the first phrase of the Genesis (OT), didn't finish it though. Maybe I should collect "In the beginning was the word." instead? In March the time of writing our pre-exams (Vorabi) began. Unfortunately it was also the month when Birgit told me she has no feelings for me... poor me. :( On the other hand, I finally got my driving license, after 84 driving lessons. I was so glad! And I went to the Leipziger Buchmesse with joschi (in Latin!).

In April there wasn't much worth mentioning... I met Franzi quite often, I wrote quite some Wikipedia entries in Latin and Bekka, Vicky and I went to Tom's Jugendweihe...

At the beginning of May I started learning Spanish with the help of Bekka's old Spanish books. Short time later I wrote my first Spanish entry. Then I had my German Abitur, my English Abitur, my Maths abitur and later my oral Geography exam. I also went to the Intercultural Spring Festival which then led to my participation in the weekly Language Evenings. This month also hosts my entry with the declension of the names Danaé and André in multiple languages; interesting, huh? A funny occurance was when Danaé, I and some others went to that forsaken house (in Esperanto!).

We had a picnic at the Autobahnsee together (in Spanish!). Speaking of Spanish... I also joined the Spanisch-Sprachlerngruppe and I got my 101st dictionary. My Oral Cambridge Exam and my Written Cambridge Exam were in that month as well. And of course we were told our Abitur results and had our last school day's party. During the latter I also decided to frequent the 9d's Spanish course from then on.

In July we had our Abiball (graduation prom) — now I have fully graduated from high school, whoo! m_e_l_l_iMelanie, René, Maria, Tobias, Sabine and I went on a holiday trip to Zeulenroda which ended prematurely... 'cause it was summer, we every so often went to the Kiesgrube or the Autobahnsee to enjoy our time at the beach or in the water. And I also began to have feelings (in Latin!) for Lisa Müller, I admit. Although she said she had feelings as well, she later decided for René. :/

In August, inselLaura left for Ireland and threw a goodbye-party to which I wasn't invited at first... uh, quite a complex story. Read for yourself. In August I also went to Cambridge (UK) to visit timwi there. It was so great, really!

I was elected to be one of the organisators of the Leipzig Language Evening. And I got to know Diana Deltschew and Nicole Hilbert and also began learning some Bulgarian (not worth mentioning though). I went to the (now) 10d's Spanish class by Mrs. Plecher regularly, which I enjoyed very much.

Hehe, I found out the name of that cute girl of my school whose beauty I absolutely admire: Victoria Hermann. Not that that would help me any. enigmanMarkus had three girls over (two Germans, one Brasilian) and we showed them around Leipzig. I also began to learn more or less Portuguese. Then I had my first encounter with the University as a student: The Ersti-Meeting and unfortunately my last Spanish lesson. The most important thing might have been my immatriculation at the Universität Leipzig, though. I am studying Linguistics and Sinology now. Here's my schedule. But I am also attending a course of Modern Tibetan every week. Oh, and I got my new computer!

The 1st of November was a bad day, 'cause I lost my entire wallet. But my room got renewed, which is good. We had a linguists' meet-up in the Moritzbastei which later lead to my entering the Fachschaftsrat Linguistik. Another thing might not be that important, but I'll mention it nonetheless: I joined Audioscrobbler! And I went to the 36th StuTS in Mainz with the other members of the FaRaLing.

In December we had a Linguistic Christmas party where even inselLaura and my classmates from Modern Chinese went to. And I bought a Volapük dictionary for 73€. Christmas (in Latin!) went by nicely this year. But I notice that I get less and less presents every year. I don't mind that, though. I also got myself a new mobile phone. And, same as last year, I went to the Internacia Seminario in Wetzlar, where I will meet timwi as well (this has not happened yet).

~ The End ~