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~ ~ ~ Review on 2003 ~ ~ ~

My Review on the Year 2003

Well, I went to the Universität Leipzig with fay_morgenstern (whom I met the first time, then, I think) for the "Open University Day". Then we got our report cards for the first semester of grade 11,

I had my 18th birthday, but it was one of the most boring ever. It was also this time of the year when I had asked Sabine out to go to cinema, but it didn't work out in the end, as you know. I spent a week at timwi's and also got kitvishnu's packet.

The only remarkable things were when I was at some kind of Space Party with my sister. Well yes, I also joined the Esperanto translation crew for LiveJournal.

In April I 'celebrated' my LJ's 1st birthday. You can also find the entry where I always update my list of dictionaries (currently 75). One day I *might* have had an epileptic seizure, but we weren't sure 'cause it was during the night, maybe. I also got my LiveJournal t-shirt. And I was at the Kleinmesse (a theme park) in Leipzig with Ines and Claudi and Melanie and so on. :D

For school, enigmanMarkus and I produced a little Lego video. I also was at the Honky-Tonk (pub&dance festival) in Leipzig with some friends, mainly Melanie and Claudi. This was also the month when I came into contact with Maria - we exchanged e-mails and began liking each other over the next few months. I also saw Matrix 2 with fay_morgenstern.

There was the last school day of my former classmates; I visited my old elementary school with Melanie, René and Maria and, the most important thing, I went on the birthday party of my friend Steffi. This was one of the bestest parties I went to. No. Wrong. It definitely was the best! I think, this was also the beginning of the almost-relationship with Maria. *ahem* Then I also went to a Beatles concert (not the real ones, of course) with Melanie and Sabine, which was really really great. June was pretty eventful, as I also signed up for driving school. Maybe next year in June I'll have finally finished it! And when walking through the city, once, with Maria, we were even holding hands... Some time ago, I remembered it. Or at least, I thought something like "Where we really holding hands?" and I didn't find the entry that proved it. Now I did, wow... o_o

July I went to the military examination and got discharged (ausgemustert), hehe. It was also school sports day and we got our report cards for 11th grade. Then I went off to the IJK (Esperanto meeting) in Lesjöfors, Sweden, which were about the greatest holidays I ever had. Unfortunately I never finished my entry about it. But don't worry, I still have my notes from back then. And on the last day of July, my second hard drive broke, so I lost all mp3s, pictures, videos and games I had. Requesciant in pace.

Hehe, I updated to Trillian Pro 2.0 Beta 2 which is also the moment when I began writing in proper capitalization in instant messengers. But then the catastrophal visit of Belantis (another theme park in Leipzig) happened, which somehow marked the end of Maria's an mine almost-relationship. *sigh* My fault. :( To make the month even worse, I had my first practical driving lesson as well. Later on, I passed my theoretical driving exam, yay! There was the game convention I went to with fay_morgenstern... oh, and I began learning Latin with the old school books of Sabine. :)

There I was at the Bible exhibition with Carina, and our class went to Weimar. Another great event was when Melanie, René, Maria and I drove to Bavaria on Melanie's birthday.

In October, Steffi and Melanie cooked for me, one day, we made a BBQ in our garden just with my friends. I might as well mention the movie night, I had with inselLaura, suomi_faniYvonne and her ex-almost-boyfriend berselfStefan, 'twas really nice, back then.

Not an event but rather an interesting thing: A character list of the people I often mention in my journal. I also wrote that article about the use of the "-sen" particle in German slang.

Remarkable was, when I visited Sabine for the first time at her home. I finished my research paper on the Saxon dialect (which I will put online as well, someday), then there was the Christmas party with everyone important at Claudi's garden, and I hugged Sabine for the first time (I still consider this important *g*). timwi also gave me 2 months of Paid Time on LiveJournal, which is pretty cool, I think. Christmas itself was rather boring this year. And on the 27th I went on my second Esperanto meeting, namely the 47th Internacia Seminario (IS) in Naumburg, with Anja Kruse.

~ The End ~



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Dec. 26th, 2003 07:26 pm (UTC)
2003? ja? =P

> I also wrote that article about the use of the "-sen" particle in German slang.
Sounds interesting... Could you give more details, or would I have to know Deutsch to appreciate it? =)
Dec. 26th, 2003 07:35 pm (UTC)
Oops, thank you! ^^;;

I'll give you more details on it, but tomorrow. I will go to bed now. Hehe. ^^;;;
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