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Hamlet, money, Dragons, Moscow, photos

We only had the first three periods (0th ~ 2nd) in school today, which were 2× Maths and one English lesson, where we got handouts about Shakespear's Hamlet. Thereafter, we all went to the next bus station in order to get to the Schauspielhaus in the city were we were to watch Hamlet, performed in English by the American Drama Group. I sat between enigmanMarkus and Melanie during the play.
It was stupid... or rather silly. I hate it when they intentionally change plays in order to get the younger audience's attention. A lot of sexual/sexistic allusions, dozens of silly übercomedified scenes which were supposed to be funny but failed utterly. The actors (particularly Hamlet himself) were drooling and spitting all the time too, which was kind of disgusting. And Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern were totally off - aren't they supposed to be serious characters? They were more like clowns! The one Hamlet performance I had seen was much better than this one.
There were some good scenes, though. And that old British English accent was very pleasant, I think. Although I prefer AE and I hate the BE from the educational cassettes, I indeed like it when people speak (native) British English... *remembers Reed from Enterprise* ^^
And I knew the actress who played Ophelia from another play: Oliver Twist - she played him when we were in the Schauspielhaus, the last time.

We got home by bus after Melanie and I bought some snacks at McDonald's. I left the bus at the P.C. to draw some money from the bankomat. Unfortunately that wasn't possible as the automat refused my card. I asked one of the guys working there and he had no idea, but told me that it's possible that it doesn't work here. Fine, thanks for the help... the problem is that I need 44€ for my driving lesson tomorrow. Grmpf. I bought 100€ from my sister; hope that Micha can change... :S

And I brought the videos back to the video store... the woman remembered me and asked me how I liked Cube, hehe. :)
I also read a book today, yes! It's a Polish children's book translated into German, about dragons... "Szenen aus dem Leben der Drachen" (original Polish title: "Sceny z życia smoków"). It only had 62 pages, so I was able to read it in a few hours. It's so cute and lovely. I remember that I had read it when I was about 6 or 7. ^^

And I tought myself to play "Подмосковые Вечера" (Midnight in Moscow Suburb / Mitternacht in Moskau) on the keyboard. Hmm... I know there exists an Esperanto version of the text, but I couldn't find it on the net. Ĉu vi povas helpi, kunar? ó.ò

And now followth my newest compilation of photographies, which I, André, prince of Denmark, uploaded unto mine olde server. If you willst thou watch them, thou shallst burn in hell forever! And mayest thou load also the video file o'er! It hath 2MB, so payest thou attention on thy time, yes?

This was a little frog sitting on our stairs yesterday evening. He's sooooooooooo cute, isn't he? I like this camouflage pattern of him. And his lovely eyes... and this smiley. :)
...ich hätte den vielleicht mal küssen sollen, hm? - *plop* - "Isch bin kee Frosch, isch bin 'ne Gröde, da is'n Undorschied, ja..."

This is the house I live in. Our own house; nice, eh? It has 3 stories - we live in the lower, my granny in the middle and my sister Anja in the upper story

And this "little" fellow here is my cat - Moritz. He's sitting on the washbasin of our bathroom, hehe...

...and I took a video of him too, 2MB, as I said. Download it here!



Sep. 30th, 2003 06:57 am (UTC)
Коммэнцинг шок тэрапи! (Рэд алэрт ИИ)
Цитата: "Ĉu vi povas helpi, kunar? ó.ò"

Хэ, хэ, компрэнэблэ!

“Апудмосквай вэспэрой”
вэрсио ду (ла кутима)
вэрсио уну (алтэрнатива)

Фацила таско пор ДЖ Кунар!