December 26th, 2005


~~~ Review on 2005 ~~~

My Review on the Year 2005

I don't remember if it was before or after I was at the 48th Internacia Seminario in Wetzlar, but some time around January or late december I got to know Alexandra (then 10b), with whom I, well... like... somehow have been together for a couple of weeks... it's hard to explain and I won't go into detail. I haven't really written about this either, back then. I found out, that we don't really fit together and that I wasn't really in love with her. I won't explain this further, as it would fill an entry 10× as big as this one. Well, anyway... I've tried to write an entry in Vietnamese, which probably is all wrong and funny. I also posted a very interesting 47-random-facts-about-me-meme. I was invited to sreniUlrike's dormitory for dinner and a game evening, which was really great, our former grade had a so called 'Absolvententreffen' where we met some old fellows. Wasn't very interesting, though and I also got invited to inselLaura's birthdayparty at her WG, with whom I also went to a film music concert, a few days later.

On 02/10 was my 20th birthday which I celebrated with my friends at the Spizz. I even had invited Stefan and Ulrike, teehee. I, in turn, went to Kathi's birthday, a few days later, which took place in the Eisdom in Leipzig. I also visited the Max Planck Institute to hear a lecture about the old Maya glyphs. There also was some Book Crossing Meet-Up in Leipzig, which I attended...

The 10d's Spanish course (including me) went to see "Comandante" (movie about Fidel Castro), which was okay. It seems I also had an epileptic fit, one night... Then there was the Buchmesse (book exhibition) in Leipzig, to which also joschiJohanna and sitopanakiAnja came. I enjoyed that alot! There are some funny photos in that entry. :) I gave a course at my former school about the Devanagari writing system (used for Hindi and Sanskrit)... but only 3 people attented. Not worth mentioning.

New first semester students ("Erstis") were introduced to linguistics by us (the FaRaLing), among them also Laura, Nadia, Tilman (aka Peiler) and the two cypresses, er, I mean Cypriots. On April 1st also was my LiveJournal's 3rd birthday and I posted the annual statistics. I also got to know my first Chinese tandem partner 黄旖旎 (Huang Yini) and the 2 Chinese guest students at my former school: 刘怡杉 (Liu Yishan) and 蔡松筠 (Choi Chung Wan). And I also wrote my first Chinese entry, hehe... I met those 2 Chinese girls again (they're so funny! And Yishan is sooo cute!)

In May I went to the (open-air and free) "Rock gegen Rechts" concert with Caroline and her friends. The FaRaLing organized a movie evening and attended the 37th StuTS in Saarbrücken, during which I also got to see Luxembourg. During the holidays, I spent a weekend in Jena at sitopanakiAnja's place, together with joschiJohanna and copperwaterKristina and partly waldinchenAndrea. It was really cool and I hope we can repeat that, sometime. And I went to the Leipzig Zoo with Ulrike which (at last to me) was quite an event, back then. I could even take a precious photo home. ^^ Then there was the FaRaLing election (read this and that entry) and Laura, Ulrike, kimura_izumiAnne and Ulrike's flatmate Judith went to the Kulwitzer See to have a swim. Finally, there was a Chinese Evening at the university.

In June there was another Eastern Asia Evening, powered by the DaF institute and a theme evening about Cambodia. I also got to know my second tandem partner in Chinese, namely 曹嘉桢 (Cao Jiazhen). And then there was the 13th Leipzig tub-racing event (or however you wanna call it), where we (the FaRaLing) participated as well, with our boat — the Arche Noam. A bit later we played "Soldat" at the HiWi-Room, hehe...

I went to the Leipzig Language Evening... haven't been there since then. This was also the month I decided to leave home and move into Lennart's WG. Laura and I visited his WG here. Apart from that, knabinoEsperanto-Anja visited me for 3 days, which you can read in the August entries...

...namely here. It was quite some fun, we also had a little barbecue with some other friends at the Johanna-Park. After Anja had left home (I also met her parents, which are really cool), timwi arrived and spent some days here (to be read here and there). While Timwi was there, I also got interviewed by a local newspaper and appeared on the frontpage of some smaller newspapers thanks to my dictionary collection. Later I got invited to Jiazhen's dormitory and visited the Zoo with Stefan and Laura. Stefan left to China (Wuhan) for one whole year) in August as well. And of course, ... spent 11 days in France (namely in Annecy & Aups).

Ulrike wrote me "that particular e-mail" (of corse there's no related entry). And there was also the day my grandmother (mother's side) died, at the age of almost 91. Then I also decided not to move into Lennart's WG but to stay in our house... now I will be moving into my sister's floor, while she will get my grandma's floor. Romy came back from Australia and we went playing pool billard. On September 26th I gave 2 courses about Esperanto at the Coppi-Schule in Leipzig, interesting experience, because I knew no one there. I also met Christian Lohse, a former classmate from elementary school.

Again we played "Soldat" at the HiWi-Room, we filthy children! Then there was the introduction for the new first semester students ("Erstis"), including the cute Sarah from Mölkau, some girl that Laura and I now call "das Manga-Mädchen" and a few more. I also began to get interested in our family's genealogy. Then there was my granny's funeral (my first ever) and the beginning of my 3rd semester (view schedule here). I began learning Xhosa and Classical Chinese at the university. I also went to the party at Verena's, Divina's, Jonas' and Jonas' WG.

Nothing much happened in November. I was at Anne's birthday party and the FaRaLing (including me and Laura) went to the 38th StuTS in Bremen, Germany, where Laura and I stayed at Esperanto-Anja's home. When I was back, I met Madeleine Hase on the bus, which is also a former classmate from elementary school.

In December was that amazing "Winterparty" at Nadia's WG, where the astounding number of 500 people celebrated. Even the police came later... wow. Laura and I went to a reading of Axel Hacke ("Der Weiße Neger Wumbaba"). And, last but not least, it was Christmas and I got quite some useful presents (new mouse, new laser printer, 2 Chinese calendars, the book "Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod"). Yup. And I will have been gone to Xanten for the Internacia Seminario — my annual obligatory Esperanto meeting.

~ The End ~