April 12th, 2005


Last few days: Tandem, @Verena's, Laura, Erzgebirgisch

Studying at the University is very consuming. I'm merely home and merely willing to write LiveJournal entries... anyways, here are the last few days:

"Language Laboratory" with Miss Zhao was pretty cool. I sat next to the cute Ulrike and our first task was to tell in Chinese what we did over the holidays. I was first and had problems remembering what I actually did... I then said, I was eating out with a friend and that we watched movies at the cinema and that I read 2 books. After the others told their versions, we listened to a Chinese children story named "The Red Bubblegum", followed by an unfamous love song. I asked if I could bring some Faye Wong music, next time. I gotta copy it on a cassette, though...
My first "Typology" lesson, given by Balthasar Bickel, was fun. inselLaura and I agreed that he's somewhat cool; although I was surprised that his dialect is nearly inaudible, although he's a Swiss. Typology (still) seems to be an interesting subject.
Afterwards Laura, Nadia and I waited for my Chinese tandem partner 黄旖旎 (Huáng Yǐnǐ) and we went to the mensa to have some wok food. 旖旎 is really nice and her German isn't bad either. And despite her being from a Wu dialect area, she speaks proper Mandarin and I understand her quite well. It was weird to speak Chinese with a real Chinese person and I sometimes had to ask her to repeat what she said and she had to tell me some things I didn't understand. When Laura and Nadia went home, 旖旎 and I searched for a free seminar room to stay in for a while. We talked to each other about where we come from and about China and about languages and Chinese characters... pretty unstructured. I also asked her to say some things in her Wu dialect. Her name's pronounced Wàng Hyīnǐ (or so it sounds), where the marks a kind of [j] sound with an almost silent palatal whistle, could be a [ʝ], I'm not sure... after some hours we both went home. She gave me a little present: a little red ornamental cloth thingie which now decorates my pinboard.
Afterwards I went to the police because... well, that I'll explain in a private entry (everyone else: don't worry, nothing has happened :)).

On Saturday we, the FaRaLings, were invited to Verena's place to have some coffee, tea and cookies and to talk and have some fun. When I arrived, Lennart, Tyko and Helena were already there. Later also Christina and Kathi came. Helena's now working at VW in Wolfsburg and is helping them to design new slogans and things like that, we won't see her again that often anymore... :/
It was cool and amusing, and after a while, we also had noodles and some people went home or elsewhere. When Kathi said something about "die verstopfen den Abfluss", I understood "die verschaffen mir Abstoß", which I thought was a really cool expression for "ich fand die abstoßend". *lol*
In the end it was about 2 o'clock when only Lennart and I were with Verena. We read some parts of a book of old extinct German words and amused ourselves with those words. Then we also went home... 'twas really cool, yo! :D
I wish I could remember the other cool words we found in the books.

I think I slept in until 14:30, but Laura called me at 12:30... uuuuugh... way too early. But it was so nice talking to her (as if we wouldn't see each other often enough at the university already *lol*). I went to bed and had a really confusing dream about cake with hair inside (das verschaffte mir im Traum ziemlichen Abstoß *g*), Janet, my father and other things. Later on Laura called me again and asked if she could come over.
She could, and she did, later around evening. We spent some time at the computer, then we watched "Men in Black II" (5 points) and the pilot episode of "Lost", which was really cool. Then Laura took the tram home.

That was today. I had Chinese classes, which were okay. Afterwards we went into the mensa, where I amused Stephi, kimura_izumiAnne, Ulrike and Svea. I also asked them for some more Saxon words and told Ulrike about my researches and hypotheses about her dialect (Erzgebirgisch):
There's a vowel shift like this (note that I'm not using IPA and didn't distinguish between vowel length and qualities): ü→i, ö→e→a→o→u; diphthongs (ei, eu, au) have a tendence to shift into a. The schwa sound doesn't change, but sometimes disappeares. I would invesigate these phenomena more closely if Ulrike would talk to me more often and I had more language contact to the civilization inhabiting the Erzgebirge. Someday a more exact entry about Erzgebirgisch will follow... perhaps in German, though. :D
Then Laura and I went to the Semantics Tutorium by some Tobias K. — he only told us what book to buy/copy and where we'd meet up next time, nothing more, but next time will be the real first lesson, hehe.
Since the area in front of Leipzig's main station ("...central transfer point, access to local and intercity trains... final destination, all passengers must leave board; we look forward to welcoming you again on board") is being rebuilt, the busses hold at a different place now for some months.
And I also went to the Fachschaftsrat's meeting at the GWZ. We might soon agree upon a new logo for the FaRaLing and the T-shirts.

I'm tired now... I'll better go to bed. 晚安,好梦。