April 12th, 2003


Esperanto-Parolado, Theater

I feel a bit better today, although I haven't fully relieved yet. Especially my mouth still hurts, since I must've bit my tongue on one side, then my lower lip inside, as well as my upper lip. Not that you could see it, but it hurts when I move my lips. Maybe I shouldn't move my lips and talk like Sabine. ;D ...awwwwww, just kiddin'. ^^

Well, I came to German right in time, but Mrs. Krause was sick, so Mr. Prüfer came and gave us tasks to do. Well, I will do it at home someday.
In English we had to presents our pieces of art, and it was my turn in the second lesson. I put the transparency on the overhead projector (zu deutsch: "Polylux"), and started the CD. Mrs. Rost-Menge was amazed. I spoke 15 minutes about everything I wanted to say and received 14 points in the end. Yay, Esperanto rules! XD
Susann Schubert was very interested in Esperanto and wanted me to lend her my Esperanto dictionaries; of course I couldn't say no. Hehe, would be cool if she would learn the language a bit. She's nice. :)

Around evening it was time for our tutorium to visit the theater once again. Not a movie theater, but a regular one. I met up with suomi_faniYvonne at the bus station at the PC where we also met Sophia and Susann which accompanied us to the theater house. Also Sabine was there, and she wore such a pretty shirt/blouse, like, wow. @w@ ...The drama we saw was "Tod eines Handlungsreisenden" (Dead of a Commercial Traveller) which was so damn boring, boah. It was good that it was modern (not modernized) and that the language was nowaday's German, and in fact also the plot was manageable. But it was so dumb, the whole play was about an old guy who didn't earn anything in his job and went mad. In the end everyone waited until he shot himself. Then it suddenly got dark and there was silence. Everyone was applauding, though, perhaps only because the guy, Willi Lohmann, was finally dead. Even Sabine seemed to find it boring, 'cause my view catched her firstly having her head on Maria's shoulder and secondly having her head layed back on the seat. Oh she was cute! ^.^
After the play, we ran out of the theater, and I took the tram home with Yvonne, Sophia, Daniel and Melanie. 'twas quite funny. Yeah, and now I am really tired and will go to bed soon. ×_×

Danielo al mi rakontis ke dum la paŭzo inter la du anglaj periodoj, kiam Sinjorino Rusto-Kvanto kaj kelke aliaj staris antaŭ la apuddomo fumante, ŝi laŭdis min tute da tempo kaj svarmis kiomege mi scias pri lingvoj kaj ke mi estas tiel profundiginte en mia parolado pri Esperanto kaj mi tute ne haltis, kaj tiel plu. Haĥ, mi estas tiel fiera pri mi. ;D

P.S.: Why oh why do I have to find Sabine so goddamn cute? 9_9

Captain's Log, Supplemental...

I forgot to say 3 things:

• I found my Second-best of MP3s CD yesterday, yay!
• I also was at the haircutter, yesterday.

Quote of the Day:
(Im Theater hab ich neben René gesessen, der etwas dick ist. Als der mal in der Pause kurz auf Toilette war, und dann wieder an mir vorbeiwollte...)

René: "Vorsicht, heiß und fettig!"

Ich hab mich da so dermaßen drüber kaputtgelacht, neeee! XD
Und der noch so:
"Na was denn? Stimmt doch?" und dann diese Finger-anleck-und-seinen-Hintern-berühr-Nummer *pffffsss* abgezogen, ich fand das so lustig! :D