January 2nd, 2003


Survey about 2002

+++2002 Survey+++

**Part 1 - At any point in 2002, did you:
1. Go to a party? Uh yeah... but not real "parties".
2. Try something new? I guess so. o_O;;
3. Have something change your life? Yep, LiveJournal, and I'm less shy.
4. Kiss someone? No...
5. Tell your family and friends you love them? Uh, no... :X
6. Buy something extravagant? Would you consider dictionaries as extravagant? If so, then yes. ;)
7. Do something nice for you? Sure... I guess.
8. Do something terribly wrong? Asking Susanne G. out happened in 2001, I think... wait, giving Steve Ohla Yvonne's Finnish dictionary and then not telling her immediately what happend. THAT was a mistake.
9. Move? Can't move, I'm taped to this chair. XD ...no.
10. Go to a concert? Yes, but we had to (school).

**Part 2 - Best of the Year
1. Party: The barbeque with my new tutorium.
2. Show: Die Harald-Schmidt-Show
3. CD: My both mp3 CDs. ^^
4. Movie: Memento and Amélie.
5. Song: Catch 22 - Kristina she don't know I exist
6. Experience: Hugging Susanne (my first hug ever).
7. Concert: Not a concert, but a cabaret. Not very good, but I was there with Laura...
8. Book: Can't decide between my German-Esperanto dictionary or that Irish-Gaelic phrasebook I got from Laura.
9. Month: August ~ October this year, I'd say.
10. Day: cf. question 2.6

**Part 3 - Worst of the Year
1. Party: Yvonne's birthday where I had an epileptic seizure...
2. Show: TV Total. XP
3. CD: Dunno...
4. Movie: Vanilla Sky.
5. Song: o_O;;
6. Experience: To think that the person you fell in love with actually hates you.
7. Concert: Can't think of any... they weren't that bad...
8. Book: Faust (Goethe).
9. Month: January, maybe?
10. Day: cf. question 1.8 and 3.6 ._.

**Part 4 - Hopes for 2003
1. Predict something that you think will happen in 2003? Sabine will tell me that I'm not her 'type'. :-P
2. What do you hope changes about your country? That they will finally get rid of that stupid and senseless military service. >.<
3. What do you hope for yourself? I hope to become friends and maybe more with Sabine...
4. What do you hope for your family? That my grand-cousin (Markus Oppermann) could visit me again... or better, that my relatives from Australia and England (along with their daughter who is about my age) would visit us.
5. What do you hope for your best friend? enigmanMarkus? That he'll be together with scotsswingSusanne forever.
6. What do you hope for the rest of your friends? That they'll be happy.
7. Do you think any amazing medical advances will be made? A pill against love sickness? No...
8. What is your biggest wish for 2003? To find a girlfriend. Maybe Sabine...

Sorry for sounding that pessimistic. I'll try to write the actual review more neutrally, now...
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+++ REVIEW ON 2002 +++

My Review on the Year 2002

In January I still was in love with kuraitenshichanJanet, but she virtually dumped me and we got friends again later... we also went Bowling with our old grade, but I can't remember that.

I celebrated my 17th birthday (10th Feb), but I really can't remember at all what I did and whom I invited. Michael said, he, I and Marc were playing Tabu... guess I gotta believe him. I don't think that I invited Yvonne... or did I? No... I don't know... @_@

On the 15th I was invited to Yvonne's birthday, we watched From Hell, afterwards we went to McDonald's. But in front of it, I had an epileptical seizure (my 2nd). I fell onto a wooden flowerpot and got a laceration [Platzwunde] on my head which had to be sewed in hospital. I stayed in hospital for a few days, which was a really cool time, since I didn't suffer, and my roommates were très nice, and in the neighboring room there were two cute girls I sometimes hanged out with, too.

April 1st was a memorable day - I started my LiveJournal! I am so unbelievably glad that I did so, 'cause I have quite a bad memory - it feels like I had no life before that day. This means more than just a diary to me. It'll save my life (so to say), hehe.

In this month I made the decision to repeat the schoolyear and change my majors. I was in 11th grade and had Physics & German as majors, but in Physics I was so damn bad that I really had doubts whether I would pass the abitur with that. I think it was a good decision. One of the best decisions in my life. We had a boring class trip to Weimar on the 23rd.

In this month, enigmanMarkus came back from his year in the USA. Whee! Now we 3 geeks are unified again, hehe. Then the last school day and we got the report cards for that grade. But I would repeat the year anyways. And on the 26th I had this sleeplessness-EEG at another hospital where I had to stay awake very long and they then measured my brain elecricity to see whether I am epileptic or not. The result was that I indeed have tendencies.

I was in Croatia with my parents for the summer holidays. It was quite nice but probably the last holiday with my parents. And I also spent a camping week in Italy with Markus and Michael - the funniest holidays ever. :)

My 1st school day in the 4th class of the 11th grade for the 2nd time was on August the 1st. And as you know - I love my new grade. Everyone was so nice, suddenly. I was beginning to like school. ^^
I made friends with Yvonne and scotsswingSusanne; there was the incident with Yvonne's Finnish dictionary, the barbecue with our new tutorium... and I fell in love with Sabine.

I visited a game convention with Yvonne, Melanie, Moritz, Tobias and his cousin Nils; a sad phone talk with Janet. The 9th was the day when I first met Laura (youki)! Then I had a class trip to Italy with my former grade (now the 12ths).

I went to a cabaret with Laura. And I bought myself a digicam (which I changed back for another one, later). Then there was the so-called Schulball, and my first hug ever to a girl (Susanne). This month, Timwi visited me for a week (timwi) - that was fun (also read the next few days if you want)! We also registered on eBay.

Hm, nothing much... I overcame my fright talking to Sabine, and I learned to write Tengwar (the Elvish writing from LotR) so I wrote a letter to Sabine in Tengwar, asking her whether she'd see LotR2 in cinema with me.

Sabine told me she will see LotR2 with me in January - yippie! And I started learning Esperanto on the 7th after I bought a dictionary in it from eBay - by far the simplest language in world. Our tutorium had a Christmas party and later there was Christmas itself. I changed the date format in LJ, as well. The year ended with a little New Year's Eve party I spent at Markus' with Susanne and Michael.

~ The End ~
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Chen Hong is back and the Graphic Tablet works again! XD

Some cool things about today:
• 陈弘 (Chen Hong / chén hóng) messaged me! She was the first person who added me on ICQ, 2 years ago. I spent so much time with her online, in the past. And we also wrote letters to each other. She's living in 上海 (Shanghai), China; but now she's moving to England for at least 9 months. Oh boy! XD
• I just tried my drawing pad... IT WORKS!!! My father and I reinstalled it in quite a weird way and now it works!!! Gibt'so' ni'! Isch habbe hier off'n Knopp gedrückt und das geht! Oooorh, isch resche misch off, ä Wochenende lang un' der geht! So 'ne Scheiße mit der Scheiße! Wunderbar! Prima! Hier ist Radio PSR, das Sinnlos Telefon. j/k ;)
• I hope and are quite positive that this year 2003 will be a nice one. Maybe there will be important changes in my life, maybe not...
• I welcome emmy0001 on my friends list and ichliebediewelt back on it. I don't remember why I deleted her. Most likely because she deleted me first.

Hey look at the clock... ^^;;
me  tired  wor............ *O* i  go  bed  la~~~~~~