April 11th, 2002


Badminton is cool!

Whoa! Just came from P.E. - we played badminton. Wow, it's great! And a lot of fun. And very exhausting. But cool though. Hehehe... I'm even looking forward to the next sports lesson.

The first episode of "Ranma ½" was on TV today. They kept "Yappappaa" as opening theme and only sung it in German, which sounded crappy. But the voices in the anime itself were surprisingly fitting. Except of the way how they pronounced some names. Okay, I know the English version and there they anglicize the names, too, but not so bad as they pronounced "Saotome" (Saotomé) and "Akane" (Akané), but hey... They'll show it every day on TV, maybe I'll keep watching it. Hmmm, I wonder that some almost hentai-ish scenes were kept since it was shown in the afternoon.

Ugh, tomorrow we'll write a test in maths, a 'Klausur', to be exactly. I haven't learned for it yet, but I'll start as soon as possible, I think. Actually the topic isn't so hard - about integrals and derivations and stuff.
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Just had to do this... even if I am supposed to du maths... but I am so bored - anyone wants to talk to me?

What Element Are You?

Hydrogen, I see... well, I more feel like deuterium right now... (heavy hydrogen, for those who do not know)... or better tritium (super-heavy hydrogen)...
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