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+++ REVIEW ON 2002 +++

My Review on the Year 2002

In January I still was in love with kuraitenshichanJanet Elisabeth van den Meulenhof, but she virtually dumped me and we got friends again later... we also went Bowling with our old grade, but I can't remember that.

I celebrated my 17th birthday (10th Feb), but I really can't remember at all what I did and whom I invited. Michael said, he, I and Marc were playing Tabu... guess I gotta believe him. I don't think that I invited Yvonne Swet... or did I? No... I don't know... @_@

On the 15th I was invited to Yvonne's birthday, we watched From Hell, afterwards we went to McDonald's. But in front of it, I had an epileptical seizure (my 2nd). I fell onto a wooden flowerpot and got a laceration [Platzwunde] on my head which had to be sewed in hospital. I stayed in hospital for a few days, which was a really cool time, since I didn't suffer, and my roommates were très nice, and in the neighboring room there were two cute girls I sometimes hanged out with, too.

April 1st was a memorable day - I started my LiveJournal! I am so unbelievably glad that I did so, 'cause I have quite a bad memory - it feels like I had no life before that day. This means more than just a diary to me. It'll save my life (so to say), hehe.

In this month I made the decision to repeat the schoolyear and change my majors. I was in 11th grade and had Physics & German as majors, but in Physics I was so damn bad that I really had doubts whether I would pass the abitur with that. I think it was a good decision. One of the best decisions in my life. We had a boring class trip to Weimar on the 23rd.

In this month, enigmanMarkus Hütter came back from his year in the USA. Whee! Now we 3 geeks are unified again, hehe. Then the last school day and we got the report cards for that grade. But I would repeat the year anyways. And on the 26th I had this sleeplessness-EEG at another hospital where I had to stay awake very long and they then measured my brain elecricity to see whether I am epileptic or not. The result was that I indeed have tendencies.

I was in Croatia with my parents for the summer holidays. It was quite nice but probably the last holiday with my parents. And I also spent a camping week in Italy with Markus and Michael - the funniest holidays ever. :)

My 1st school day in the 4th class of the 11th grade for the 2nd time was on August the 1st. And as you know - I love my new grade. Everyone was so nice, suddenly. I was beginning to like school. ^^
I made friends with Yvonne Fels and scotsswingSusanne Weingarten; there was the incident with Yvonne's Finnish dictionary, the barbecue with our new tutorium... and I fell in love with Sabine.

I visited a game convention with Yvonne, Melanie, Moritz, Tobias and his cousin Nils; a sad phone talk with Janet. The 9th was the day when I first met Laura Stolle (youki)! Then I had a class trip to Italy with my former grade (now the 12ths).

I went to a cabaret with Laura. And I bought myself a digicam (which I changed back for another one, later). Then there was the so-called Schulball, and my first hug ever to a girl (Susanne). This month, Timwi visited me for a week (timwi) - that was fun (also read the next few days if you want)! We also registered on eBay.

Hm, nothing much... I overcame my fright talking to Sabine, and I learned to write Tengwar (the Elvish writing from LotR) so I wrote a letter to Sabine in Tengwar, asking her whether she'd see LotR2 in cinema with me.

Sabine told me she will see LotR2 with me in January - yippie! And I started learning Esperanto on the 7th after I bought a dictionary in it from eBay - by far the simplest language in world. Our tutorium had a Christmas party and later there was Christmas itself. I changed the date format in LJ, as well. The year ended with a little New Year's Eve party I spent at Markus' with Susanne and Michael.

~ The End ~



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Jan. 2nd, 2003 01:34 am (UTC)
Wow, you seem to have done alot..unlike me. By the way..what major did you change to?
Jan. 2nd, 2003 05:25 am (UTC)
Well, it's not that much... ^^;;
I changed my majors to English & German. A wise decision.
Jan. 3rd, 2003 06:58 am (UTC)
The strange thing is, it is the same with me and LJ. I've got a horrible memory. If I tried to write a review I would probably forget about the half of all things that happened :/. It's really weird, I cannot really remember what I was doing in February a year ago lol ....
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